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I love space and robots.

Kaon (@.sulaco) on Quotev


Yes, unfortunately, I am. Officially, and permanently. I'm not in a fantastic place right now, as I'm struggling with balancing my mental health and a new job. 
However, I haven't given up on writing, and everything on here can be found on my Quotev page, where I'm present a lot more frequently. I'll leave this notification up for a week or two, with links to where you can find me, before I take down this page for good.
I'm really sorry to everyone, but I want to thank you all for being here for me! I couldn't have done it without you, and I want you all to know that I'm eternally grateful to you. 
Much love and many thanks,
Kay <3



this is just to give you all some kind of explanation as to why I haven't been updating and shit
the short answer is I'm struggling a bit
I've just left school and now I have to find a job, which isn't doing a thing for my anxiety and stuff
I have other writing projects I'm working on, most of which are solely on Quotev or Ao3
and just generally I've kind of drifted from the FNAF fandom
I do intend to finish most of what I've started but it might take a while because of the reasons mentioned above
I really don't want anyone to feel disappointed and I'm sorry if you do but things are hard right now and I don't and won't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to fanfictions that I'm not even that interested in any more
but I'm going to try for you guys
just please be patient

thank you if you took the time to read this :D it really means a lot to me 
  • Listening to: Six Shooter - Coyote Kisses
You weren't entirely sure why the US government decided to employ you in some top secret mission thing, but you were glad to finally be getting work again. An engineer by trade, you had previously owned a small garage on the edge of Detroit, but business was slow and more often than not, you remained empty. You eventually had to close down, unable to remain stable enough to keep your little shop open. But that was fine. You were used to things being difficult, life was never easy. Your father taught you that, and always told you to keep you chin up and things would get better. His reputation as an engineer was projected onto you, you assumed, when a member of the American military showed up at your door, offering you work and a better place to stay. You didn't disagree; your apartment had seen better days, and the landlord was to kick you out in under a month. The soldier gave no details of why they needed you, telling you that his boss would explain everything once you got to their base. Great. It didn't take long to get there, especially since they took you in a chopper. Your destination was Chicago, somewhere in the extensive city high-rises. The pilot touched you down within a heavily guarded compound, and you were quickly escorted off of the helicopter and into the massive building.
What you saw made you gape in awe and wonder. Huge, hulking metal titans conversed with soldiers as easily as any human, and though you couldn't pick up on any specific details, you knew they were no doubt taking about military operations.
“This way, Miss [Surname].” One of the soldiers caught your attention, and you followed her up a flight of steps, to keep you out from under the feet of the giants. Of course, you already knew they were the famed Transformers that everyone spoke of – there were very few people who didn't know about the battle of Los Angeles and the events that transpired in Egypt. They weren't much of a government secret now, you thought, unable to control yourself as you stared at the magnificent beings. They were very impressive, towering tall above the humans at their feet (or in some cases, wheels), though now you were almost as high as them up on the platforms.
But why were you here? You had no idea.
After a few moments, you were taken from the huge room and down a hallway to an office of sorts. Your guide knocked once and opened the door, before taking her leave back the way you came. Inside, the Director of Intelligence, as well as the commander of the facility, were waiting for you.
“Come in, Miss [Surname].” The director greeted, and you dipped your head slightly as you stepped inside the small room. She smiled faintly, but it vanished so fast you weren't even sure it had been there to begin with.
You were instructed to take a seat, and you did so awkwardly.
“You're probably wondering why you're here.” The woman began, voice strong with authority, and she continued after you gave an affirming nod, “You're an engineer, yes? We wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to collect you if you weren't. You see, we need engineers like you for something very important. Commander Lennox will fill you in entirely on what is expected.”
You nodded again, feeling rather overwhelmed at the idea – they needed you? Lennox seemed to pick up on your nerves, for he offered you a polite, slightly reassuring smile.
Clearing his throat, the soldier relayed the assignment to you; “Well, Miss [Surname], we're building a ship.”
You were surprised at this, but let him continue,
“Our team of engineers is small, but it's essential we finish this as soon as possible, so we're bringing in outsiders. That is to say, you. You'll be working with the team that's already assigned at the Kennedy Space Centre, as well as a few of the Autobots. Are you in?”
You thought for a moment. This was all happening so fast, but you had nothing really to return to; no home, no job, no family. If you did this (though you felt the director wouldn't give you much of a choice), you'd at least have something, and even that something is better than nothing.
You found your voice, “Yes, sir.”
He grinned at that, and extended his hand for you to shake. He shook firmly, though there was gentleness in his grip. You also shook hands with the director, thanking them both for this new opportunity they had given you. You were finally getting a second chance. You just hoped you could live up to their expectations.
“Oh, Miss [Name].” The director actually might have smiled that time, and you met her gaze, “Your ride to the centre is waiting down by the doors. You'd better not keep them waiting.”
You didn't need to be told twice.

It didn't take you long to make your way down the steps, avoiding the huge robots carefully, so you weren't stood on. Waiting over by the large doors, you could see a heavily armoured green car, though you weren't too sure of its make or model yet. You assumed it to be the ride that would take you where you needed to go, so you made a quick b-line across to it, praying that you were correct in your assumptions. Evidently, you were, for as soon as you came even close, a man stepped out from the driver’s side, wearing a boiler suit and looking slightly amused to see you.
“They roped you into this too, huh?” He grinned, offering you his larger hand, “Name’s Epps. You’re [Name], right?”
You nodded and returned the smile, before releasing your grip. Without wasting time, he circled back to the still open door, gesturing for you to go around the other side. You did so, though it didn't escape your notice that the door opened itself. Brow raised in surprise, you got in regardless. Perhaps you had just imagined it..?
Not likely, for as soon as the Impala sped out of the base, you realised that Epps wasn't even driving. One hand rested on the steering wheel, but he was in no way directing where you were going. The male noticed your confusion, and another bright grin blossomed on his face,
“Guess I should have introduced you guys. [Name], this is Roadbuster. Roadbuster, [Name].”
That's when it hit you. This car was one of the 'Autobots' that the director had mentioned. Well, now it made a lot more sense. You felt a little more awkward at knowing though, and you were sure the bot under you could feel that, for he 'humph'ed loudly, greeting you in a rough, accented voice.
“Hey..” You grumbled as you exchanged a glance with Epps.
He shrugged in return, and a small smile returned to his face,
“I'm sure we're all gonna get along just fine.”
You hoped he'd be right.

After a few short months, you began to fit right in with the mechanics at the Kennedy Base. They were kind to you, and you quickly developed many friendships. Even with the Autobots there. You learned first hand that the trio, collectively known as Wreckers – Roadbuster among them – weren't generally aloud to leave the base due to their shitty attitudes. They were foul-mouthed and crude, but you did enjoy some of their humour, and found yourself becoming close to them, too. It was nice. In such a short time, you'd acquired a new home, and a new family.
That didn't, however, stop you from getting into some fights.
Especially not with Roadbuster. You and the Wrecker never really saw eye to optic, particularly because he was brash and rude and always tried to flirt with you. Not that you would have minded, but it did get on your nerves when he never shut up; so, you rebuked his attempts. This never went down so well, which led to your current situation.
The heavy wrench left its place in your hand in favour of flying through the base, hitting him right in the back of the helm. All of the other engineers and the other two Wreckers, now aware that something was about to go down, decided it would be best to get out of the way. You stood up on one of the platforms, almost livid with clenched fists and vexation in your [colour] eyes.
“Hey, you big bitch!” You sneered when he turned to face you. His own facial plate displayed indignation, and he brought up a servo to rub where you had hit him.
When he didn't speak, you bore your teeth, “Epps tells me you've been trying to hit on my car. Well, what do I find this morning? The entire thing is a fucking pile of scrap now. Thanks for that, buddy.”
The venom that dripped from your words made quite a few of the mechanics take a step back, and Roadbuster looked almost embarrassed.
“It was practically scrap anyway.” He argued, accent coming through thickly, “And I wasn't hittin' on it. I was...”
Quirking a brow as he trailed off, you crossed your arms;
“Oh really? What were you doing then, exactly?”
By now, you were just about alone, since a lot of your colleagues had vanished so they wouldn't have to witness another argument, though a few lingered to finish what they were doing. Once again, the mech didn't respond, and you tapped your foot in impatience. The stare down went on for another few minutes. It was strange to see the green Impala so speechless. Particularly when he was normally so brash and talkative. You weren't so sure you liked it.
With a deep, tired exhale, you uncrossed your arms, gesturing the huge bot over. Of course, he was directly in front of you in only a step or two, but he stooped to see you properly. He sure was tall. Resting your weight on your left leg, you shook your head before extending your arm, playfully nudging his cheek with your fist. The metal was warm beneath your skin.
“If you wanted to make me jealous, “You grinned, and without a second thought planted a quick kiss where your fist had been, “That's not the way to do it.”
Now, the mech was already thrown off by your sudden mood change, but now that you'd done that, he was majorly flustered. Roadbuster felt his vents kick up, whirring loud enough for you to hear.
“You owe me now, by the way~” A cheeky smirk made its way onto your lips, and you turned from him to head out, purposely swaying your hips as you moved, “See you later, asshole~”
And then you disappeared into one of the human offices, leaving him to stare after you.
He suddenly became aware of several sets of eyes (and optics) on him, and he vented even harder.
Spinning, he glared harshly at the observers,
“What're y' starin' at, y' wee scraplets!?”
He hated the way you made him look soft.
But he really liked you, so the rough Wrecker supposed he'd have to deal with it.
You see I'm looking for the Queenfish, maybe you have seen her,
She always steals the scene with a body that's obscener
than the cutest of the cuties, flowing grace and beauty,
from the brain to the booty, the darling of the sea

The hot sun on your back was a wonderful feeling as you lounged across the heated rocks, tail lolling half-out of the water. Your sisters were all in a similar state to you, either right up on the stones next to you or splashing in and out of the turquoise lagoon. You were thankful that no mortal men knew of your secret haven, or it would be constantly swarmed with those who were sure they could suit you. You were getting rather sick of humans trying to court you; they only wanted to marry you for your beauty and the treasure you owned beneath the vast oceans. It didn't help that you were the queen of your kingdom beneath the waves, which only served to fuel the desire of men. Often times, you'd catch glimpses of them leaping from their ships, hoping you'd do something to protect them from the ocean's temperamental waves. You let them drown. As far as you were concerned, they had no business with you, and their stupidity was the reason so many died. Stretching your arms out, the golden trinkets around your wrists and arms clinked against the rocks, flashing brilliantly in the light. You were content here. Responsibility and mortals seemed so far away.

Now I know I'm not the only fisherman who's ever tried
to lure the Lady Queenfish, and keep her fancy by his side,
but how I think about her all the time, it's tearing me apart,
and so today, the hunt begins: I'm off to capture Lady's heart

If there was one thing Captain James 'Foxy' Bennett knew, it was that he was going to marry the Queen of the ocean, no matter what. His crew thought him mad, especially his first mate Frederick, but none of them were going to tell him that. They were spending another lonesome day out on the waves, in search of the beauty, as they made their cross from one port to another. Of course, they all knew there was nothing to find; the Queen was a myth, thought up by lusty sailors to excuse the many deaths at the hands of the sea. There was nothing out here. But their stubborn captain would hear nothing of it. He was determined to find and court the fair maiden, absolutely convinced that he would be the one.
He wasn't the only one who thought this way, though. Many others had perished in the murky waters, coming from all over the world to find her. None were successful, and all drowned.
Foxy was confident, and though some might see that as a downfall, he was sure it was an advantage; he was sure he could, determined he would.
After three long weeks on the sea, however, he knew his crew was in need of some time on the land. The ship could become rather cramped, especially since they spent so long on it with nowhere else to go. So, they decided to dock on a small island as they passed, weighing anchor and rowing towards the uninhabited rocks. It was small, but at least it would get them off the ship. As soon as they touched land, the crew scattered, ready to take in as much freedom as they could within the little time they had. Foxy himself decided to linger near the boat, eager to get back to searching for the woman of his dreams. He was so caught up in his thoughts, he was sure he imagined the laughter. Light and feminine, it tinkled into his head and brought him back. The trees were silent, and the redhead glanced around, wondering if he was indeed hearing things.
He wasn't, for the laughter returned.

Because I've never loved another
I'll never love another
I've never seen Australia but I think I'm going under
down under, I wonder why she wouldn't wanna be
with the one who loves her harder than the Great Coral Reef

Standing up from his seat on a particularly flat stone, Foxy followed the sound. It was nothing like Chica's laugh, which was a different lilt and pitch altogether. No, it was sweet and delicate, and he found himself entranced. The captain swatted undergrowth from his path, treading further and further from the meeting point and closer to the sound. As the laughter died down, he began to make out distinct voices; one was sharp and ecstatic, another soft and angelic. In all, he made out five. Could this be..? Excitement bubbled in the pit of his stomach. Nobody lived here. This had to be her. At least, some of her subjects, who could lead him to his lovely. Creeping forward, the pirate bit his tongue to keep quiet. He knew it. His crew never listened, but he was almost certain that she was here. He reached a craggy outcrop of rocks, and stealthily he managed to sneak a look over the top.
And there you were.
The Queen of the Ocean, in all of your radiant beauty.
Stretched out on a rock in the centre of the lagoon, you were everything he imagined you to be. Even your beautiful maidens paled in comparison to you. Gold and jewels lined your arms and neck, glinting gorgeously in the mid-afternoon sun. They clinked together as you shifted and, to his surprise, your eyes opened at the feeling of being observed. A [colour] tail flickered out of the water, agitated. But poor Foxy was absolutely captivated by your gaze, feet glued to the ground, and somehow he felt bolder. With a sharp inhale, he moved out from behind his cover. With screams and wails, your maidens fled at the sight of him, frightened and panicked. You too recoiled into the water, further towards the open sea.
“Wait!” He called to you, unaware he'd even opened his mouth.
He didn't realise he was in the water until it reached his knees.

I'm going down, to the bottom of the sea,
It's the sea of love,
come dive with me.

You halted. Only your shoulders and head were above the turquoise water, but he could see the flicker of colour as your tail swished under you. Then, you stretched out a hand to him. The pirate ignored your talons and the webs between your fingers, accepting your offer anyway. As your grip ensnared him, Foxy could hear the shouts and screams of his crew. Following you into the deep, he ignored them, hypnotised by the gleam of your eyes, and the smirk on your lips. He didn't notice your maidens, watching from the frothy waves as you snatched up another sailor.
He only saw you.
You led him deeper. Until he was fully submerged under dangerous murky warmth. Connecting your mouth to his, you felt him struggle as he realised he was no longer able to breathe. You kept your hold, bringing him with you into the depths. Only when he stopped struggling did you let him go.

And if I never, ever, ever leave this sea, the water's warm.
It's fine with me.
Prize: Pirate!Foxy x Mermaid!Reader
[so so so sorry this has taken so long to do, it's for NotBornHatched , who requested pirate!Foxy x mermaid!reader, the song is Queenfish by Emezie Okorafor. I hope you like it!! :D ]
After your first failed attempt, you were ready to go straight on to try number two. Once again, you were back at the park after your fun shift at KO, ready to impress. Today, you decided you would run. Donning your best (and shortest) shorts, you were ready to go. Dennis and Rae opted out of it, instead choosing to sit in the shade of a nearby tree to 'observe'. Basically, watch out for cute mystery guy, and give you the heads up if he showed up. You started with a few basic stretches, warming up so you were ready to run. After a few minutes, you took off at a steady pace around the track, already feeling tired thanks to the heat. But you persisted.
You'd been around the track three times before you were given the signal – he was here. You felt your cheeks become warm, but you willed yourself to keep going. As you passed your friends, they began to shout encouragement, which quickly evolved into them practically screaming 'Living on a Prayer' at you. Now you were almost certain he was looking your way. By lap six, you were pretty sure you were going to collapse with exhaustion, or heat stroke, or maybe both. Sneaking a glance at 'hot uncle', you felt your nerves flare when his eyes met yours. You also felt the ground when you tripped over nothing. Lying face-first in the dirt, you tuned out the roars of laughter that came from the general direction of your friends in favour of trying to calm your heartbeat. Without a second thought, you got right back up again, trying to ignore the humiliation that you felt. Thankfully, after only a few minutes, the hilarity died down, and you could continue on in peace. Two laps later and you were beginning to feel kind of dizzy.
“Damn it..” You grumbled as you paused for breath, deciding it would be in your best interests to wait until the spots that swam across your vision faded. Kneeling down, you shut your eyes, wishing now that you'd waited for a cooler day to run yourself into the ground. But alas, you'd brought this all down upon yourself, well done for trying to impress a stranger. You only allowed yourself a two-minute breather before you were back to running, though your pace had noticeably slowed. You passed your friends again, and therefore the handsome stranger, but chose not to look at any of them. Your vision was already starting to waver around the edges. Maybe if you just focussed on running you wouldn't pass out.
As luck would have it, you did collapse, but only when you managed to get half way around the field, probably as far from people as you could have been. Oh, weren't you just the lucky one?

Ratchet had just been minding his own business. Seriously, all he wanted to do was wait for the children to be done with school so he could go back to base. The last time he'd been here, it was because he'd had to explain to Raf's teacher why his science project had blasted a hole through the top of the school. This time, it was because their guardians were searching for an energon deposit off-base at the moment and therefore couldn't collect them, so he didn't really have a choice. His vehicle mode was parked a little ways off, by the kerb side while he waited for the school day to end. Well, it was just Raf he'd be taking back, since Miko would be in detention and Jack had his shift at work. While he waited, Ratchet settled down to read some random book he'd picked up from the young human.
Over in the actual park, he heard the familiar laugh of another human, and he glanced from the page to see a duo sitting under a tree, while a third made their way around a track, looking slightly worse for wear. He recognised them as the people Miko had been talking to the day before. The one who was running passed him by, sweating and swearing under their breath, but they continued on. With a huff, the mech returned to his reading, though he was interrupted when the two other humans began to sing aloud, their obnoxious voices becoming louder and louder. He couldn't really make out any words, but it seemed to spur the runner on, for their lagging pace quickened slightly. Though, their face warmed a little, he could see. Thankfully for Ratchet, things returned to normal after that, the singing lulling down to quiet chatter, and he could finally focus on his book. He did occasionally sneak a glance at the runner, subconsciously admiring the definition of their legs, or the way their face creased with determination. The medic didn't, however, anticipate making eye contact with them. Blue eyes met [colour] ones, and for a moment, Ratchet was captivated. That is, until he realised he was staring. Snapped from his daze, the holoform brought the book to his face, trying to cover his embarrassed blush. A loud 'thump' had him looking up again, only to see the runner lying face first on the ground. They had fallen over. The loud laughter from their friends had them back on their feet though, their cheeks dark with humiliation, but they continued on regardless. For a human, this one sure was resilient. It was almost admirable.
Well, it would have been, had they not passed out only ten minutes later, once again crumpling onto the hard ground below. Almost immediately, their friends were up and rushing over to the far end of the field, calling their name in a panic;
Ratchet thought it suited them nicely. However, he rose to his feet, comming June as he moved towards the trio. They'd rolled [Name] over, and their head was resting on the girl's lap. The boy was on the phone to someone, as the medic could hear him speak in a rushed, tense tone. The pair froze when they realised he was coming over. He raised a brow at their gaping faces, especially when he knelt down next to them.
“It's all right, I'm a doctor.” He reassured, though really, not even he was sure what to do. Curse his pride, he had learned so little about human medicine. He had very little idea on how to deal with this situation.
“Fetch some water for them.” Ratchet muttered quietly, watching as the girl fanned your face with her hands. The boy nodded and rushed away to the convenience store to get some.
Ratchet just hoped June would get here soon.
Hot Uncle [TFP Ratchet x Reader][2/?]
[oh look another one // sorry for any oocness, i tried. he's just so cute though i love him. 
this (+ part 1) is longer than the dissertation i'm supposed to submit for my class at school so thats wonderful but i am so proud of it, there will def be more .. hope you guys enjoy!! :D
Yes, unfortunately, I am. Officially, and permanently. I'm not in a fantastic place right now, as I'm struggling with balancing my mental health and a new job. 
However, I haven't given up on writing, and everything on here can be found on my Quotev page, where I'm present a lot more frequently. I'll leave this notification up for a week or two, with links to where you can find me, before I take down this page for good.
I'm really sorry to everyone, but I want to thank you all for being here for me! I couldn't have done it without you, and I want you all to know that I'm eternally grateful to you. 
Much love and many thanks,
Kay <3




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